Bruce Weber+Barneys+Possibility Models = Life

I sat in the back corner of a chic little screening last night in the basement of some huge museum that kind of looks like a cinnamon roll, but in a cute way… if that’s possible? Just kidding, I know …

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Babe Walker’s Guide To Superbowl Sunday

So I’m often conflicted about taking part in Superbowl celebrations. On the one hand I morally object to a day devoted to watching football, loud screaming people, and platters of gross communal food. On the other hand, I’m always invited …

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Genevieve and I were having invisible smoothies* at our favorite juice bar this morning, when I noticed that she was glowing. Like her skin was literally radiating light. Not only that, but she was also getting checked out by every …

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Ask Babe: Book Babe

Dear Babe, What are some chic books related to fashion? Love, A**   Dear Booker T. Washington, Your timing is impeccable. I’ve been on a fucking reading rampage since I finished my new book PSYCHOS. This always happens when I’m …

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