Ask Babe: The Bald and The Beautiful

Dear Babe, Is not waxing ever okay? S****   Dear Everyone’s Mom, Are you assuming that I’m going to tell you that bald is always better, bolder, and Baber? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s almost always the best direction to …

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You’re A Babe: Troy Surratt

My personal shoppers at various Barneys around the U.S. are always emailing me about what new products I should be trying, people I should be meeting and pills I should be taking. Recently I was invited to an event to …

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David The Intern (Part One: Introduction)

My name is David (no, I’m not telling you my last name) and I’ve been Babe Walker’s intern since graduating from college last year. Well, technically I’m her “assistant” but she insists on referring to me as her “intern” because …

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Ask Babe: Mantra?

  Hey Babe, what’s your mantra? Xoxo S******   Dear Maharishi, The first thing a guru tells you after giving you a mantra is that you mustn’t ever tell anyone what that mantra is. If you do, you will be …

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