Now that we are officially in the month that my new book is being published, I decided to let all of you fucking psychos have another taste of this thing. So here you go: CHAPTER 2: TRYING TO DO MORE …

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You’re A Babe: Conner Habib

I met Conner while I was out with my bff Roman at a gay bar in LA called The Faultline. We were feeling very free, which meant we had done a little too much GHB and were practically falling over, but …

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My New Fucking Book: Psychos

Ladies and Gaydies, I would like to formally invite you to read the beginning of my new book, Psychos. It will be officially published by Simon & Schuster on April 29th, but I convinced the powers that be to let …

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Ask Babe: Deux…

Babe, Write another fucking book you genius cunt. Love, C*****   Psycho, I am happy to bless you with this very important message from…me. I may or may not have recently started to work on what may or may not …

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