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  • Facing a Heat Wave

    Facing a Heat Wave

    It’s the hottest part of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.  Pretty much every major American city (and by that I mean LA, NY, and Paris) is suffering through some sort of heatwave right now. So if you’re dealing with one hundred degree plus weather or 98% humidity, you might be…

  • On Being Young, Hot And Creepy

    On Being Young, Hot And Creepy

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate Sky Ferreira and what she brings to the table in terms of music, waifyness, etc. but this video concerns me. I too was 19 once. I too used to get very dramatic with scary creatures, and I too used to overuse certain types of makeup and drugs. These things…

  • Beauty Babe: The Fight To Glow

    Beauty Babe: The Fight To Glow

    There are three makeup nightmares that have threatened my bliss-level regularly ever since I was a child, and started hiring makeup artists to apply foundation to my delicate mug. They are: “Cake Face,” “Drab Face,” and “Rorschach Face.” “Cake Face” refers to the catastrophe that occurs when a girl (or fancy man) has so much…