High Style

I’d consider myself a pothead but I would not consider myself an asshole, there’s a difference. My dilemma is that I’m always looking for new ways to be stoned in public without looking like an idiot in public. It’s not …

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Ask Babe: Still Stoned

Babe, What do you recommend for me to rejuvenate myself after smoking too much weed last night? I just awoke and am still contemplating where I am, who I am, why this is happening, why I was not born Lauren …

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Babe Walker’s Guide To Halloween

Until now I’ve been ignoring your Halloween emails. I’ll be honest–it’s been a rough October. My astrologist said I was supposed to meet the love of my life this month, and unless that meant I would meet and get married …

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So, Brad Pitt smokes weed. Not a big revelation. How else could he stay that relaxed with so many children and dealing with Clooney on a weekly basis? I have absolutely no problem with that. In fact, I’d be honored …

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