Babe Goes To Auction

The most expensive carpet in the world just sold for $33,765,000 at Sotheby’s in New York City. While I don’t particularly give a flying fuck about 17th century Persian rugs, this antique reminded me of all the luxury items I’ve bid …

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The Saga Of My Malibu Dream House

It’s no secret that I still live at home with my dad and Mabinty and our chef. You would too if you were me, but you’re not, so I don’t expect you to understand my life choices. However, I’ve been …

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Ask Babe: Money Money Money

Dear Babe, So I am not a white girl but this is most certainly a white girl problem. I have been trying to “find” myself for a couple years and I have not been the most responsible with family money. …

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Ask Babe: Friends With Baggage

Hi Babe, My very good looking girlfriend is always broke. She spends all her money on clothes, even when she owes me money! Therefore I am forced to hang out with my less good-looking friend who treats me well, but …

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