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This Song Is All I Care About Right Now

I’m currently listening to it on repeat in an Uber SUV on the way to Palm Springs. Fuck. I know I threw shade at Coachella but sometimes the Universe wants what it wants, and right now the Universe wants me …

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Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Have done nothing today but listen to this song on repeat while smoking herbal cigarettes and drinking fennel juice from the garden. Me day.

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Musique Babe: Goldfrapp

Basically, this cinematic video masterpiece is the prequel narrative of Kristen Stewart’s character from Panic Room which in my opinion is about as chic as it comes. SH made being a boy cooler than being a girl. Except, this features …

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Musique Babe: Lykke Li

Ok, I found the perfect ‘just told your boyfriend that it’s not going to work and it never was going to work because, honestly, the two of you were never on the same level, mentally, and it’s not his fault, …

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