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  • Musique Babe: Guinness/LaChapelle/Life

    Musique Babe: Guinness/LaChapelle/Life

    I’ve only ever really cared about one celebrity. I guess she makes music now. I guess I’m obsessed. I guess I’m dead now. Bye. I guess.

  • Beat Babe: Robyn, Take Me Away

    Beat Babe: Robyn, Take Me Away

    You are my boyfriend My girlfriend My girl. My stars forever. My fave Swede, my sweetest pop bitch boyfriend babe. In the end, tell them to play Dancing On My Own. at my funeral The winter was too hard for me, too hard for my friends, we are sad and we let the broken leaves…

  • Sunday Prayers with Babe Walker

    Sunday Prayers with Babe Walker

    Instead of talking to you psychos about what I’m praying for today, here are the lyrics to I Don’t Wanna Lose You by Tina Turner.  Women of a certain age They learn to rely and judge all his responses Having played the mating game She doesn’t waste time cause all that she wants is Really…

  • Chic By Numbers

    Chic By Numbers

    I’ve always been one of those people who claims they “just don’t like kids.” But today’s moment of unbridled chicittude is (I guess) brought to us by a bunch of babies. So, there. First is this teensy little version of Lana Del Rey. She has an amazing body. And then we have this little bitch…