Open Letter

An Open Letter To Carrie Bradshaw

Care Bear (Jk), You are saving the world one pubic lice at a time, so thanks, I guess. And sorry, everyone, that you just had to read the word ‘lice.’ Twice. I never really liked you, Carrie. But according to …

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An Open Letter To North West

Dear North, You’re chic. Also, I haven’t seen your face yet, but I already know you’re gorgeous. And it’s a good thing you’re chic/beautiful because your life isn’t going to be easy. Your mom seems like kind of a psycho, …

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An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

Madam President (?), You finally joined Twitter (four years late). Congratulations. Welcome. Unfortunately your social media presence kind of reminds me of my Tai Tai: you just learned how to use modern technology, you’re really cute about it, we’re all super …

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An Open Letter to the Love of My Life

Dear Arnie Grape, I usually take the week of the Cannes Film Festival to rest and reflect.  I haven’t bothered to attend the festival ever since Katie Price made her first appearance at an afterparty in 2008, but I still check …

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