Ask Babe: Unclear

Seriously Babe, Fuck you for never answering me. Love you, but fuck you. K*****   Dear Mark David Chapman, Sowwy. I literally get like hundreds and hundreds of emails a week. There is only so much time in my day …

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Ask Babe: NYC Makeover Edishhhh.

I’ve been getting a flood (hehe) of emails asking about ways to help out New York City in the wake of everyone’s fave slore, Sandy. My first thought when I heard about NYC being basically underwater was: Is Barneys on …

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Charity Babe: Doing It For The Kids

So the other day I was having lunch (mineral oil-infused sparkling water) with a girlfriend of mine and she was telling me how she’d entered this contest/raffle thing to win a chance to meet the cast of True Blood, and …

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You’re A Babe: Christy Turlington Burns

On Monday afternoon, I decided to try a new dating tactic called “sunbathing outside of the UCLA medical school buildings.” This is a great, organic approach to meeting doctors and med students (future doctors) and also weird (but kind of …

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