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  • Ask Babe: InstaBabe

    Ask Babe: InstaBabe

    Babes, What’s your opinion on Instagram? Chic or no? I feel like it was hot a while back when people were Instagramming Kate Moss behind the scenes at the Olympics, but last week I saw an Instagram pic of a McDonald’s meal (don’t even get me started). Should I be playing photogz 24/7 so others…

  • Ask Babe: Photographie

    Ask Babe: Photographie

    Bonjour Babe, Vous pense que vous n’ais pas photogenique? E**   Mon cher Terry Richardson, Non, je suis très photogénique. Je ne veux pas psychopathes (comme vous) de savoir à quoi je ressemble. Bisous.

  • App Babe: LOOM

    App Babe: LOOM

    Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time eye-fucking our technology. 97.6% of my day is made up of working/staring at my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, white iPhone, or white iPad. At any given moment I’m either tweeting, blogging, looking at porn, texting, sexting, anorexting, or taking pictures of myself. In fact I…

  • Art Babe: Tadao Cern

    Art Babe: Tadao Cern

    So I met this artist/weirdo/genius at a Memorial Day barbecue last night. He was trying to explain to me what type of “art” he made and I really, really wasn’t getting it. This was partially because he was from Lithuania and his English is not so great, but I should take some of the blame as I…