Ask Babe: InstaBabe

Babes, What’s your opinion on Instagram? Chic or no? I feel like it was hot a while back when people were Instagramming Kate Moss behind the scenes at the Olympics, but last week I saw an Instagram pic of a …

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Ask Babe: Photographie

Bonjour Babe, Vous pense que vous n’ais pas photogenique? E**   Mon cher Terry Richardson, Non, je suis très photogénique. Je ne veux pas psychopathes (comme vous) de savoir à quoi je ressemble. Bisous.

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App Babe: LOOM

Let’s be honest, we all spend way too much time eye-fucking our technology. 97.6% of my day is made up of working/staring at my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, white iPhone, or white iPad. At any given moment I’m either tweeting, …

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Art Babe: Tadao Cern

So I met this artist/weirdo/genius at a Memorial Day barbecue last night. He was trying to explain to me what type of “art” he made and I really, really wasn’t getting it. This was partially because he was from Lithuania and his …

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