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An Open Letter To Carrie Bradshaw

Care Bear (Jk), You are saving the world one pubic lice at a time, so thanks, I guess. And sorry, everyone, that you just had to read the word ‘lice.’ Twice. I never really liked you, Carrie. But according to …

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Ask Babe: On Beauty Pageants

Dear Babe, I would love to hear your opinion on the 2013 Miss America Pageant. Please and thank you. J*** Dear Donald Trump, While I’m still not sure why we continue to celebrate women who wear stripper heels, too much …

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Babe on Film: Behind the Candelabra

It’s one of the world’s greatest mysteries how exactly Steven Soderbergh manages to capture in his movies exactly what I need at any given moment. ¬†What middle schooler doesn’t need the funhouse mirror bitchslap of Erika Christensen in Traffic? Now, …

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Beat Babe: Liz & Dick

Goodbye Lindsay. It was nice while it lasted. Violet Eyes you are not. Faint echoes of Heidi Montag from your cheekbones sing. 3.5 million viewers traumatized. We’ll always have Mean Girls. We’ll always have Freaky Friday. We’ll always have Sevin …

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