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The. End. #Politics

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Don’t Be A Dick

Not that you read The New York Post, but let’s all take a moment to spit the tiny deposit of puke out of our mouths after seeing this annoying and homophobic and transphobic and ugly-spirited and Obama-phobic cover. Suck a …

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Why I’m Not Moving To Sweden

Masturbation is legal on public beaches in Stockholm. Now, American sexhibitionists are relocating to Sweden, a country that is paler, less clothed, and apparently more willing to allow 65 year old men to ejaculate into the sea than the United …

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You’re a Babe: Wendy Davis

I’m still in a major political phase, so give me some space because I need to talk about Wendy Davis. ¬†Anyone with the fortitude to be born in Texas, believe in equal rights for women, become a Democratic politician, and …

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