Thanks, Barack!

The Supreme Court finally struck down DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act). Yay! Okay, so this means that the Federal Government (Sasha/Malia/Michele) must recognize same sex marriages that have already been recognized by the states (basically if you’re gay married in …

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Nudeness Rudeness

Someone just emailed me about something called the Naked News. Is anyone else disturbed/fascinated/confused by it? It’s pretty clear none of these women can read. They claim to be “the world’s most gorgeous news team.” which is absurd – nonsensical – ludicrous …

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Okay, so the Presidential inauguration was going perfectly.  Obama was exactly as self-possessed as I expected.  Sasha and Malia?  Stop.  The tailoring on their coats was perfection. Then, Beyoncé entered, sang the National Anthem, and exited to New Orleans.  I would …

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Baddie Bey

Election Day isn’t just about the President. It’s not even just about the President and Scottie Pippen playing a basketball game (true story). Election Day isn’t just about finding out whether or not the country can start to agree on …

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