Ask Babe: Anal Journey?

Dear  Babe, My fiancé is a super smart scientist in grad school, he’s getting his PHD in human genetics. He’s really wonderful but just the other day we were talking about sexual things we could do for each other and …

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Ask Babe: Getting “The Job” Done

Babe, I am in desperate need of guidance. Last night I gave my boyfriend a handjob (first time I had ever given one and first time he has received one) under a blanket while watching a movie in my friend’s …

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You’re A Babe: Conner Habib

I met Conner while I was out with my bff Roman at a gay bar in LA called The Faultline. We were feeling very free, which meant we had done a little too much GHB and were practically falling over, but …

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Musique Babe: Lykke Li

Ok, I found the perfect ‘just told your boyfriend that it’s not going to work and it never was going to work because, honestly, the two of you were never on the same level, mentally, and it’s not his fault, …

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