You’re A Babe: Emm Kuo

Confession: I’ve been in a dark place with my Birkins. Lately it feels like everyone and their dog’s dog has one, and I’m over it. I needed them out of my life until further notice, but the thought of just …

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Ask Babe: Basics, Bitch.

Dear Ms. Walker, I’m stuck in a rut and have been feeling incomplete lately. As such, I decided to rip my wardrobe to the studs and rebuild it from the ground up. Naturally, I am keeping all my chic unique …

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The “Welcome Home From Rehab” Look

It’s happened. I leaked Part B of the first chapter of my new book, Psychos. Read it here. In short, it’s about how leaving rehab made me realize even my closest friends can fail to appreciate my soul, my spirit, …

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Ask Babe: Boyfriend Jeans

Babe,  Boyfriend jeans- chic or fugly? E****   Girlfriend, I like to leave the wearing of boyfriend jeans to my boyfriends and 90′s celebrities, because personally, that kind of denim look just isn’t for me. Why would I ever want …

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