The “Welcome Home From Rehab” Look

It’s happened. I leaked Part B of the first chapter of my new book, Psychos. Read it here. In short, it’s about how leaving rehab made me realize even my closest friends can fail to appreciate my soul, my spirit, …

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Ask Babe: Boyfriend Jeans

Babe,  Boyfriend jeans- chic or fugly? E****   Girlfriend, I like to leave the wearing of boyfriend jeans to my boyfriends and 90′s celebrities, because personally, that kind of denim look just isn’t for me. Why would I ever want …

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Ask Babe: Moto Chic?

Babe, Was I the only one who thought that the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show was totally terrifying? Terrifying in a haunting, beautiful way, but still. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. Why. Why. Why? L***   Dear Future Overprotective …

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Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker: The Row, Please

I used to take time out of every week to meditate on something or someone on this planet who I felt needed a bit of prayer. In the past I’ve prayed for Vince Vaughn, Lindsay Lohan’s Porsche, affection-deprived tweeters, and …

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