What Price, Sports?

So I went to my very first NBA game two nights ago in LA, and by first NBA game I’ve ever been to, I mean first NBA game I’ve been to without being 100% high on Valium. So, it felt …

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Ask Babe: Moto Chic?

Babe, Was I the only one who thought that the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway show was totally terrifying? Terrifying in a haunting, beautiful way, but still. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. Why. Why. Why? L***   Dear Future Overprotective …

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Ask Babe: Football Season?

Babe, How did you celebrate the start of football season this weekend? Love, A*****   Dear Fat Lesbian, I would never “celebrate” an activity that centers around chili and long term brain injuries. So instead of answering your uninformed question I’m …

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I’ve been so over the NBA lately. Yes, the players are hot and make tons of money, but they also sleep with Kardashians. It’s boring. But just when I think I’m totally ready to let go of basketball players for …

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