David The Intern (Part Four: Technology Cleanse)

On Tuesday, after a Skype session with her Shaman, Steve, Babe hurled her iPad across the room into a pile of Hermes scarves, instructed me to remove all 21st century possessions from her sight and informed me that she would …

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Words, Words, Words! VOL 3

It’s been a while since I’ve purged myself of the words that make me want to die when I hear them. It’s a healthy practice to write down your least favorite words at least once every few months. Then put …

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An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton

Madam President (?), You finally joined Twitter (four years late). Congratulations. Welcome. Unfortunately your social media presence kind of reminds me of my Tai Tai:¬†you just learned how to use modern technology, you’re really cute about it, we’re all super …

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Ask Babe: Stalkers, C’est Chic?

Dear Babe, Okay so I have a code red stalker situation going on and I just dont know if I should be flattered and embrace it or call the police and change my number. He texts and calls me dozens …

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