Ask Babe: Can I Fuck Your Intern?

Dear Babe, Can I fuck David the intern? Is he on howaboutwe? Are you really letting him invade your sacred blog? What is up with his chakra? Did he really mispronounce Givenchy? Does he have a last name/life? P.S: RIP …

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I Have An Addiction, Sir

My therapist recently challenged me to not spend any money on clothes for a month, which may sound easy, but lest you forget: shopping is my heroin, dressing rooms are my syringes and credit cards are my rubber tie thingies. …

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Maybe it’s that the whole world is sick with a flu or something, or that it’s fashion week somewhere and I’m supposed to be talking about it, but I just can’t. I’m having an over it moment in major way. …

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Chanel Pre-Fall 2013: The Perfect Rehab Wardrobe

You know how it goes. One day you’re 17 years old, living your life, getting buzzed on cocktails at a holiday party, when someone offers you a bump of coke. You’re scared, but also kind of bored and tired, so …

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