The Unborn Royal

In today’s torturous news, Kate Middleton is pregnant. This makes sense because she’s 30, and in order to have kids that don’t look like animal-human hybrids, it’s important to get knocked up by 32 at the very latest. I could …

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Too Young To Die

Today I went from feeling great to a place of utter terror when I received he following email: Babe, Have you seen this? C******** Obviously my initial reaction as I scrolled through post after post of my own words masquerading as the …

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Ask Babe: Aging and Arbitrary Celebrations

Babe, Birthdays. Chic or not chic? Please preach. I am but your humble follower. Love, M****   Madeline Ashton, Age is terrifying, yes, fine, I agree. What’s even more terrifying, is the unnatural tradition of celebrating our inevitable loss of …

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Ask Babe: The Hunger Games

 Babe, I cannot fucking stop eating. I eat when I’m bored, when I’m drunk, when I’m happy, when I’m depressed, and right after I have a panic attack and/or emotional breakdown. Naturally my stomach and thighs have reacted which is …

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