David The Intern (Part Five: Hide and Seek)

Babe came over to my apartment last weekend, for the first and last time ever. Just to catch you up, part of my job as Babe Walker’s “assistant”/”intern”/”fat chamber boy” is to be at the beckoned call of a proud …

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Ask Babe: Not-So-Accidental Tourist

Dear Babe, In March I will be traveling to India. I was wondering what types of clothes I should wear so I don’t look like a typical tourist. On the other side I don’t want to look like I’m trying …

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What’s Your Number?

My spiritual team is everything. I value them, I tell them how much they mean to me via text message, I buy them Diptyque candles, etc. etc. Recently though, I started to feel like someone or something was missing. Even though …

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You’re A Babe: The Chateau Marmont

Ew, I know, I know. This is so expected. But here’s why I like this place: A) It’s quiet. B) Good salads. C) 24 hour pool area. Great for when I need a private skinny dip at 3am. D) Self …

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