Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

I’ve mentioned my obsession with Dubrovnik in the past. It’s amazing, it’s magical, it’s in Croatia, it’s formerly war torn. ┬áBut now Dubrovnik is one of the chicest places you can stare at from a yacht. But… this week we …

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Ask Babe: Where Should I Live?

Dear Babe, Where should I live? C*******   Dear Hobo, I once had a traumatic experience in the Anthropologie at The Grove involving Russell Brand. We didn’t interact whatsoever. It’s just that I saw him shopping there, and his jeans …

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Ask Babe: Going the Distance

Dear Babe, Over the holidays I hooked up with a guy that I’ve known through mutual friends for a long time. The problem is, he lives in L.A. and I live in Las Vegas! We’ve exchanged a couple texts since, …

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Ask Babe: Lazy Susan

Dear Babe, I recently made the decision to take the entire summer off (no school/no work) but I’m generally a workaholic and now I’m starting to feel guilty/irrelevant. Should I take up yoga, or can I just continue socialize and …

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