Babe Reads: Dirty Rush

OKAYYYYYY. This book I read over the weekend has been a call to arms. I had to tell you psychos about this shit immediately. I got an advanced copy of Dirty Rush in the mail and literally read it in a …

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Ask Babe: Um. Hi? Me? You?

Dear Babe, You’re a dumb fucking cunt. Read a book. I thought you’d be skinny n’ pretty but you’re ugly n’ fat w tiny beady eyes n’ a pig nose. Get some work done if you’re so rich. Fat cunt. …

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Words, Words, Words! VOL 3

It’s been a while since I’ve purged myself of the words that make me want to die when I hear them. It’s a healthy practice to write down your least favorite words at least once every few months. Then put …

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It Happens

I’m not pregnant, but for the first time in my life, I’m seriously wondering what it would be like if I was. I know, every psycho with a vagina goes through this at some point. I’m not special. Bodies are …

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