Words, Words, Words (Volume 3)

Every couple of weeks I find it necessary to purge myself of the words I’m over at the moment. Let’s word puke and then agree to bury these annoying blemishes on the forehead of the english language once and for …

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Ask Babe: Deux…

Babe, Write another fucking book you genius cunt. Love, C*****   Psycho, I am happy to bless you with this very important message from…me. I may or may not have recently started to work on what may or may not …

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Ask Babe: Aging and Arbitrary Celebrations

Babe, Birthdays. Chic or not chic? Please preach. I am but your humble follower. Love, M****   Madeline Ashton, Age is terrifying, yes, fine, I agree. What’s even more terrifying, is the unnatural tradition of celebrating our inevitable loss of …

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An Open Letter To Katie

I’ve been thinking about her a lot recently, and despite my complex emotions surrounding the entire marriage etc, I think I can help… Dear Katie Cassandra Holmes, I know Cassandra isn’t really your middle name. But it kind of works…am …

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