Campaigns Of The Corn

I guess every famous person besides me is doing some sort of campaign this year? Some are to love, some are to hate, and some are very unclear. Let’s review the broad strokes, just incase the Didion Céline campaign comes up in conversation at your job (internship) and you don’t know what people are talking about.

1. Joan Didion for Céline. Yes times yes.

2. Kardashian/West for Balmain. No plus why times please stop.

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So... now what? #whitegirlproblems

Babe Reads: Dirty Rush


This book I read over the weekend has been a call to arms. I had to tell you psychos about this shit immediately. I got an advanced copy of Dirty Rush in the mail and literally read it in a day which is two years faster than I’ve ever read a whole book in my life. It’s disgusting, it’s offensive, it’s lolzful, and it’s all about bitches and sisterhood… something I kind of know nothing about and am fascinated by. Also noteworthy: it’s 75% less about Tory Burch flats and Michael Kors watches than I was expecting.

Maybe the best part about it is that one of my super cute former interns wrote it. Her name is Taylor Bell and she worked for me a few summers ago. She was an incredible intern. My almond lattés were always the right hue: burnt caramel, my desk was always neat AF when I got to it in the morning at 4pm, and she reminded me that I am thin enough everyday before leaving work. #Blessed. Also, she’s actually a good writer. I’ve never said that about anyone I know, so this is a big deal.

I guess Taylor went to college in whatever random non-chic little state she’s from, was basically forced to join a sorority by these insane Beta Zeta psychos, dated a super hot guy with a big dick, got caught up in a drug ring scandal AND a sex tape scandal, did some drugs, wore some Uggs, and learned a lot. I’m not saying I condone her choices, but I am saying I’m proud of the way she told her story so honestly.

Taylor, if you’re reading this, text me. I would if I hadn’t lost your number. Did I ever even have your number? I miss you. I love you. Dirty Rush is an amazing first book. Don’t drink any more beer. Text me.

Read a few leaked chapters and/or/if/when pre-order her book HERE, it only takes a day to read and it’s beyond and there’s a chapter that heavily features anal beads I’ll say no more.

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I need to get rid of my horse. #whitegirlproblems