Me and Dries Van Noten

So I was in New York City on Wednesday for some meetings about the release of my new book, Psychos and I decided to stop by Barney’s for a cocktail party/book signing with my BFF, the disgustingly chic fashion designer Dries Van Noten. Everything about the event was stunning: Dries signed some books; showed some pieces from previous collections; took like a million pictures with rude people who smelled like corn; and then afterwards we may or may not have smoked some hash oil in the third floor bathroom together then and spent the next 3 hours crying in front of the L’Wren Scott collection. 

Anyways, while Dries was signing books…

This waiter tried to fuck me.

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I feel like I'm hard to stay mad at. #whitegirlproblems

Ask Babe: Cough


I’ve been dying to know. Is smoking chic?



Lindsay Lohan,

Smoking is only chic if you’re one of the following people:

Kate Moss


Other than that, it’s a total NUNCA. You can read more of my thoughts on smoking here, here and here.

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I'll ask you again, please don't eat anything white in front of me until I feel better about Gwyneth and Chris. #whitegirlproblems