Ask Babe: Brother Fucker

Hey Babe,

I’m in love with my step brother, which tends to make the holidays really awkward. Do I just get drunk, fuck him, and get over it?




Dear Cher 2.0,

You’re insane, and I love you for that. A few things you need to take inventory of:

1 ) His penis – is it big? If it’s not, prepare for your holidays to get WAY more awkward once you discover that he’s packing a handgun, as opposed to a rifle, and up and leave the bedroom.

2 ) Where are you going to fuck? In your house? You guys might want to get a hotel room. But, like, a nice hotel room.

3 ) Are you really in love with him, or do you just hate your step dad or step mom and want to ruin your whole family’s lives?

4 ) Have you guys ever gone on a date? Because you should definitely go on a date first.

5 ) If you guys went on a date, would he be paying?

6 ) Does he love you? Does he hate you? Do you love him because he hates you?

7 ) Have you guys even made out? Is he a good kisser? Don’t fuck him if you haven’t made out with him first.

8 ) Don’t get drunk first. But maybe get him drunk? But not if you think he’ll have a hard time getting a boner. On second thought, don’t fuck him.


Fuck him for sure. Let me know how it goes.

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