My Boyfriend: Justin Dean Thomas

Sometimes your boyfriend is a guy you notice on the street because he’s wearing a vintage Perry Ellis slouch coat. Sometimes your boyfriend is your family’s chef. Sometimes your boyfriend is your girlfriend, and sometimes he’s a DJ your assistants hired to play at your book launch party a few weeks ago in NYC.

Photo: Nitzan Krimsky

I’ve recently been glamoured by a man/boy named Justin Dean Thomas. If James Franco fucked Vince Vaughn in the 1800’s (when Vince Vaughn looked like Vince Vaughn) they would’ve had a baby named JDT. In addition to being a total babe, he’s in a band, he’s a writer, and he’s an actor on some HBO show. He’s also not a psycho.

Below you’ll find a little textversation we had a few nights ago. Email me if you want his #.

Me 11:47PM   Justin

Me 11:50PM   Justin

Me 11:51PM   Justin

Justin 11:54PM   Hey, who’s this?

Me 11:54PM   Your girlfriend, I got a new number.

Justin 11:57PM   I’m with my girlfriend right now.

Me 11:57PM  Just kidding it’s Babe. Thanks for playing my party. I heard you kept it chic and real.

Justin 12:00AM   Sure thing.

As you can see, he’s super nice and completely chill, which is so hard to find in NYC. Every man I know here thinks it’s really fun to not answer text messages, and is constantly on the brink of losing his shit.

Despite Justin having a GF, I decided to stalk him at a show he played over the weekend, which I never do. I’m shocked to admit that his band spoke to me on a metaphysical level. I ended up writhing on the floor and making a huge fucking scene. Too much Xanax, not enough room temperature water.



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  1. Renahy Young Avatar
    Renahy Young

    Took the terrifying journey to Downtown LA to the J Brand Outlet. You were right about the boys. So teeny and told me how amazing I was even though they’d only known me for 2 minutes. Also almost passed out at the amazing sales. Thanks Baaaaabe.

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