Style Babe: Dragons

It’s obviously the year of the dragon, because my Animal Healer, Beatrice, had me rub the backs of six lizards and a komodo dragon in our session yesterday (she heals people with animals, not animals with magic). The dragon rubbing was her way of getting me through a really rough morning that had to do with a moustache that I guess I have now. News to me! Fuck.

Anyways, Beatrice was going on and on about being inspired by an animal in its Season Of Power. This season, she says, is all about the Dragon, and in order to persevere in times of doubt and unexpected hairiness, you should imagine yourself as the animal. However, I feel like imagining myself as a scaly, dirty reptile will damage my aura, therefore I’d rather just dress like one/wear one. So I took it upon myself to scout a few of my fave reptilian moments, both new and old…and then some.

These Balenciaga tops from F/W 2012 gave me major chameleon vibes:

And these dresses gave me sexy chameleon vibes, albeit less overt:

These Alexander Wang looks were very urban street snake:

And this Phillip Lim F/W 2012 look reminded me of a thin little lizard. Chic.

I hate boundaries, so I need to account for the times I feel like celebrating my inner dragon in a less literal way. Instead of dressing like a reptile, I’d dress like a modern-day geisha, in one of these Dries Van Noten pieces.

All this dragon talk is making me need a trip to an eastern, communist country so I’m emailing my publisher to see if they can arrange a China book tour. This will finally give me a chance to feature the following dragon moments from Ralph Lauren F/W 2011. I’m salivating. And Crying. And so excited.

And, of course, I’ll be pulling these out of my “Eastern Travels (Accessories)” Closet:

Alright, I need to go meditate. 再見.

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