Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

I’ve been thinking about Paris Hilton all week. A couple of months ago when her show got cancelled on the Oxygen Network, I emailed her to send my condolences. I never heard back from her, which I totally get. But then when she released her new single a few weeks ago, I realized what a dark and unfortunate turn her life had taken.

So this sunday,  let’s be kind and all pray for Paris. Let us pray that her lost little soul will find it’s way back to the light where she can do what she does best: Nothing/Using her name to sell licensed products with her name on them such as clothing and Perfume.

Think about it for a second. She used to be everywhere. You couldn’t open a weekly magazine without seeing her about 47 times, and now you’d be hard pressed to see her more than once. Not mention her ex-best friend Kim who used to be a nobody, is way more famous than Paris ever was. That has to sting. But perhaps not as bad as the fact that her two wrinkly aunts have become reality stars in their own right.

So Paris, this one is for you bitch. I’ve never really liked you, but that doesn’t mean I’m heartless and uncharitable with my pity. We pity you, we hope you are OK. And although you are still rich as fuck, money can’t buy you happiness. BYE.

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