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I liked Kristen Stewart more when she was a boy. #whitegirlproblems

Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Dear Neon Being “Back”, I now pronounce you legally over. Love, B This week we are all going to pray for poor little neon, because it’s dead. Abandoned. Over. It seemed like neon was headed towards a triumphant and glorious …

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Ask Babe: Head Case

Dear Babe, I’ve been having issues finding a chic iPhone case. Any suggestions? Love, G******   Dear Naked iPhone Owner, I used to be like you. I used to carry my phone around and trust that it wouldn’t smash into …

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Ask Babe: Global Warming?

Dear Babe, I am really conflicted on what I should do about global warming and if I should even believe it. I feel like I should believe it because of all the sad commercials they play about polar bears on …

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