Ask Babe: Head Case

Dear Babe,

I’ve been having issues finding a chic iPhone case. Any suggestions?




Dear Naked iPhone Owner,

I used to be like you. I used to carry my phone around and trust that it wouldn’t smash into a million little pieces when it dropped out of my pocket, or flew out of my hand and into my therapist’s Picasso. You have to protect what you love, but you shouldn’t feel like you need to commit to just one look. Owning a single iPhone case is almost as insane as owning a single iPhone. I have a whole cabinet in my closet dedicated to iPhones and another cabinet dedicated to iPhone cases, because these days it’s necessary to be ready for every occasion. That being said, don’t feel overwhelmed. I’ve narrowed it down to the basics you’ll need in order for your iPhone to always be well-dressed:

These kaleidoscopic cases from DANNIJO are perfect for going out, and also perfect for triggering an impromptu acid flashback while out on the town. Take your phone to a Lana Del Rey concert and you’ll be the chicest person in the audience and also be having the best time.

You’ll definitely need a daytime case or two. I suggest these Rebecca Minkoff ones because A) They’re ostrich, and B) They’re so bright that anyone you throw your phone at will see it coming and be able to duck, therefore allowing you to avoid costly legal fees.

 For major black tie events, sometimes understated glamour is best. This case by Miansai is elegant and low-key, but at the same time it’s perfect for the White House Correspondents Dinner.

If you’re just relaxing in the the country, these J. Crew cases are a must.

I’m super obsessed with this Diane Von Furstenberg case for a first date. It says, “I’m slutty in the way that you’d want your future wife to be slutty, but I also might have a secret.”

And you’ll definitely need this DVF one for when you get married to the first date guy in Hawaii.

Finally, this Weston case is super ethereal and dreamy. Amazing for when you’re meditating, chanting, or sleeping.

Lastly, if you’re looking at all these options and inwardly screaming “NOOOOO!!!!” to the thought of confining your precious iPhone to a case, then PLEASE slip it into a chic little sleeve. The following selections should cover all your bases:


Miu Miu




Emilio Pucci

Bottega Veneta

Stella McCartney

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