Book Babe: What I’m Reading This Month

This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m kind of a bookworm. I mean, I’ve read pretty much every fashion coffee table book that exists, as well as every French Vogue since 1994. Then I got a prototype iPad in 2009 (thanks Steve, RIP), so when I wasn’t busy watching deleted scenes from Titanic, I was reading all sorts of regular “book” books too. How else do you think I was able to write my own story so eloquently? I have a very literate background.

I’m a total speed-reader, so I can usually tackle up to five books a month. Part of my prerequisites for a handbag is that it’s big enough to hold an iPad, because I take it everywhere. My iPad accompanies me to all beauty appointments, and if traffic is bad/I’m over looking at the road, I’ll have whoever is sitting shotgun steer so I can read while driving. To the owner of the Pontiac Firebird I rear-ended last month: this was not the case. I told you, my best friend made a bet with me that you were Ryan Gosling, so I rear-ended you to find out your true identity. I’m sorry you weren’t Ryan, but not that sorry, because I walked away with a new pair of Céline sunglasses. Deal with it.

Here’s what I’m reading this month:

I’m With The Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela Des Barres

This is a memoir by the first ever groupie. She’s made out with Jim Morrison and had a love affair with Jimmy Page. Need I say more? Obsession. I had to make an exception and read this book in it’s original state (which I never do) but so far it’s been totally worth it.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James

I’ve been super into erotic literature this month. My astrologer thinks it’s because Venus entered Gemini on April 3rd. I think it’s because I haven’t had sex in a few weeks. Anyhow, this book has been really doing it for me. Basically it’s the story of a young, shy, girl who meets the billionaire of her dreams who happens to have a dirty secret. Not kidding, not embarrassed.

Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis

I re-read this from time to time. It’s the chicest of all the BEE novels, and an especially great story to digest when you’re liquid cleansing, which I do every 2 to 3 weeks. Models, terrorism, yum.

White Girl Problems by Babe Walker

Ever since my book came out, I’ve read it once a month. I can’t help that I find it to be a moving story, filled with humor, darkness, intrigue, heart, love, loss, shoes, dads, moms, maids, redemption. What can I say? I love it. I love me.

Plant Spirit Shamanism: Traditional Techniques for Healing the Soul

This in-depth look at the core methods of plant shamanism–soul retrieval, spirit extraction, and sin eating–is a must-read. You never know when you’ll have to start working with a new Shaman because your now-Shaman’s rattles and no-touch massages are making you tense.  If I need to travel to the rainforest this year in search of a new spiritual guide, I want to be prepared.

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