My Boyfriend: “Sick Hot” Guys

Lately I’ve come to a crossroads. You see, I have a running list of “sick hot” guys with whom I’m kind of obsessed/would shame fuck if the opportunity presented itself. I’m not necessarily proud of this by any means, but it’s real and it’s my life so I thought I’d share the list with all you psychos. I need to get this off my chest, and I also just love confessing dark stuff to you guys because I can picture some of you crying. Ok, here goes:

1. Simon Rex
2. Terry Richardson
3. Justin Bobby
4. Gollum
5. Gordon Ramsay
6. Harrison Ford
7. Tom Petty
8. All the guys in “Jackass”
9. Warwick Davis
10. Mark McGrath
11. James Haven
12. R. Kelly
13. Cisco Adler
14. SisQó
15. David Blaine
16. Danny Trejo
17. Quentin Tarantino
18. Bruce Jenner
19. Damien Echols
20. Pretty much every guy on this site

Ugh I feel soooooo much better. Remember: the best remedy for puffy eyes is to alternate between cucumber slices and ice-cold spoons for an hour.

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