Congratufuckinglations To The Formerly Fat Kelly Clarkson

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. What I mean is,  if you’re a drunk, even if you get sober, you will always be considered an ‘alcoholic.’ I feel the same way about fat people. Even after they get skinny, they still have a fat personality. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a weight-loss reveal just as much as the next terrified but thin person. So I was thrilled this morning when I saw the photos/video of Kelly Clarkson from last night’s Billboard Music Awards. She looked really amazing.

I hated saying that.

She went from being this person:


To being this person:

And the truth of the matter is that when I watched the video of her singing, I realized she had not only shed the pounds, but she has also shed the fat persona. This is one of the rarest and most beautiful transformations that a human being can undergo. Perhaps more breathtaking than a caterpillar’s change into a colorful butterfly. You should be really proud of yourself, Kelly. I know I am. Thank you for giving up Twinkies and Dr. Pepper or whatever it is that you fat people really like.

Actually, she’s still totally fat. So, never mind.







13 responses to “Congratufuckinglations To The Formerly Fat Kelly Clarkson”

  1. Lilly Avatar

    FUCK YOU, you god damn bitch! Wtf is your problem!? You give skinny girls a bad name
    So fuck off c you next tuesday!!!

  2. Poppy Avatar

    No fat chicks allowed. I’m looking at you, Lily.

  3. Luminous Vita Avatar
    Luminous Vita

    Kelly looks the same in those pics

  4. Beth Avatar

    She hasn’t lost any weight. She’s wearing a dress and shapewear…and why are skinny girls always so concerned when people have a few extra pounds on them? I really liked your blog until this post.

  5. Katie Henry Avatar
    Katie Henry

    Wow no wonder our country has issues with body image, because
    Offensive people like you. Stop the judgement.

  6. Kelly Avatar

    If you’re easily offended, then why even bother reading Babe’s blogs? Get serious Lily. You’re just jealous. Go eat a splenda bite, or take a xanax. Actually, I’ll take a xanax.

  7. Cat Avatar

    Thank god you admitted she was fat at the end. I saw the second picture of her and thought, “Still fat. “

  8. ChaCha DiGregorio Avatar
    ChaCha DiGregorio

    Don’t take anything to heart from Babe .. or from people named “Beth”

  9. Clarisse Lehmann Avatar

    No longer fat but still writing angry angst-filled music. I’ll take it. 

  10. Carlyn Avatar

    Honestly, I think the point of this post is to talk about how Kelly looked beautiful, while still maintaining a snarky, Babe attitude. Just sayin’.

  11. James Avatar

    Kelly has lost a lot of weight and she looks absolutely fantastic.  By no means is that “fat”.

  12. Nightwind Avatar

    This babe is hot talented, rich, great personality.   What have some of you done with your life?  And what do you look like?  And how good is your singing voice?   Yep.  Thought so.  Get a life. 

  13.  Avatar

    You can’t really tell with that dress on. I bet she’s still pretty big.

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