Leonardo Wilhem Dicaprio

I just woke up from a super cleansing sauna nap. Whilst I was sleeping I had a dream that I was in Dubai with Leo Dicaprio. But not “The Departed” Leo, or even “Titanic” Leo. He was younger. Much younger and I really liked it. I felt like I was a child again.

In the dream, we were having this amazing lunch together (I ordered a beet greens salad) and he was telling me how much he missed me when he was away filming The Basketball Diaries.  Young Leo was wearing these baggy pants and an oversized sweater.

Normally when I dream I’m aware that I’m dreaming, but this time I had no clue. I’m always suspect when I dream about Leo because I’m positive that he has incepted me on a few occasions. When I finally did wake up I was aware of two realities: 1) I felt at least 6 onces lighter than when I entered the sauna and 2) I remembered that the Leo from my dream was actually the Leo from an interview I once saw that he did on Letterman while promoting The Basketball Diaries.

He was so fucking cute and rude to Dave. Plus that movie was so ridiculously dark and  hot.

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