My Boyfriend: Anton Newcombe

This morning I was sitting on my bathroom floor across from my free-standing bathtub, watching it overflow, something I like to do when I’m feeling abandoned and/or greasy. The speakers were blasting an old playlist that my ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex ex made for me. I was totes zoning out, almost to the point of passing out, when I realized what song was playing. It was “It Girl” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the psycho brilliance that is The Brian Jonestown Masacre, but if you’ve never heard of them or seen the documentary, DIG!, about Anton and the band, slap yourself once for me then slap yourself again for yourself. They basically defined the art of acting like total douchebags on stage whilst playing the finest in grungy, psychedelic, boyfriendy music. Get stoned with your bf or maid and listen to “Servo” on repeat. Try not to eat anyone’s face.

Anton Newcombe is their heroin-chic lead singer, and he writes all the shit too. He’s the psycho boyfriend to end all psycho boyfriends and I love him. He’s never really had his shit together, and I’m not sure that I ever want him to get his shit together. Sometimes it’s the most hopeless guys that seem the most fuckable.

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