Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Sicko De Mayo

So everyone and their mother was out drinking margaritas and other super caloric drinks last night in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But in reality,  none of us enjoying the festivities actually knew what it is we were celebrating.

To me, this lack of awareness is part of a bigger issue: People are basically fucking stupid!  Including me, and I’m a genius. Just so you know, Cinco de Mayo isn’t like the “Fourth of July” because it’s not Mexican Independence Day. It’s the celebration of some random battle between Mexico and France.  There you have it. In the words of Zebra Katz, “Ima read that bitch, Ima school that bitch.

This week, let us all pray for each other.  I hope that we realize we are all walking through life without a clue and there’s pretty much nothing that we can or will do about it. Rock and roll. Deal with it!


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  • Jesse Suphan

    I hate to like correct you or whatever, but Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence day . That would be in September.

    In the state of Puebla, the date is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.[2][11] Contrary to widespread popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day—the most important national patriotic holiday in Mexico—which is actually celebrated on September 16.[2][12]

    • Sofía González

      thank you!

    • Heartsick66

      Erm is that not what she said?

      • Jesse Suphan

        The blog has been changed, At first it said something different.

  • Grace Shemwell

    Hey Jesse, if you’re going to correct someone, do it in a more chic manner please. If you actually hated to “like correct” her or “whatever” you wouldn’t actually do it. She already admited “To me, this lack of awareness is part of a bigger issue: People are basically fucking stupid! Including me, and I’m a genius.” Don’t rub people’s mistakes in thier face. P.S. Nice wikipedia references – the [2]’s and [11]’s gave you away. Adios y lo siento mi amigo,


    • Michel Moutinho

      Rub people’s mistake in thier face? THIER face? LOL 
      Anyway, Babe isn’t a real person. She is just a stupid character we all love. Don’t take it so seriously, G.

    • Jesse Suphan

       Dearest Grace,
      I clearly copy pasted the wiki reference I was obviously not trying to say I wrote that. P.S. Your not invited to my house for brunch next Sunday if this is how you wanna act.

  • Tcvolleyball32

    Lol way to go Grace! You’re *like winning and whatever* at this argument. :) people like you keep the world goin!

  • Sofía González

    Americans really are fucking stupid because they celebrate a Mexican Holliday that we don’t even celebrate in Mexico, thinking you’re celebrating our independence day when actually our independence day is September 16. Jesse Suphan is right, you’re wrong, Babe (and the rest of your country).

  • The Darrell

    Basically are fucking stupid! …proven in the comments below! I didn’t celebrate any Mexican battle, I celebrated the Kentucky durby ;)

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Dipshits, yes y’all are all stupid as a stump.

    We gringos celebrate Cindo de Mayo in Texas because we like any opportunity — stupid or enlightened — to have some BBQ, tequila and beer.  And if you get enough tequila in a Texican of the female persuasion, good things can happen.

    The Mexican folk, well they will also take any opportunity to eat some cabrito, drink some tequila and beer.  And, yes, a Senorita with a boot full of tequila will also do some things that would differentiate her from the Virgin Mary.

    Most of you dumb asses did not even know that the French were dry humping Mexico all those many years ago but the Mexicans put those bastards away in a hard fight.  Go, Mexico.

    Oh, yeah, Dipshits, this has nothing to do withe fucking World Cup.

    So, Mexico and Texas, Wild Cinco de Mayo!


    Totally love the casual Sean Bateman reference… I’d love to have a bisexual threeway with Brett Easton Ellis and pretty much anyone.