Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Sicko De Mayo

So everyone and their mother was out drinking margaritas and other super caloric drinks last night in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. But in reality,  none of us enjoying the festivities actually knew what it is we were celebrating.

To me, this lack of awareness is part of a bigger issue: People are basically fucking stupid!  Including me, and I’m a genius. Just so you know, Cinco de Mayo isn’t like the “Fourth of July” because it’s not Mexican Independence Day. It’s the celebration of some random battle between Mexico and France.  There you have it. In the words of Zebra Katz, “Ima read that bitch, Ima school that bitch.

This week, let us all pray for each other.  I hope that we realize we are all walking through life without a clue and there’s pretty much nothing that we can or will do about it. Rock and roll. Deal with it!


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