An Open Letter To Paris Hilton (The DJ)

Dear Paris,

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE stop. You’re not a DJ, nor will you ever be a DJ. Plus, nobody will respect you if you keep trying douchbaggy new jobs. My suggestion is that you attempt to move out of the “party” arena if you want to be taken seriously as human being. Just because you’ve basically been in a club every single night for the past 15 years doesn’t mean that you’re a brilliant DJ. Do you think that just because Jack Nicholson has season tickets to the Lakers that he should try and be the next Kobe? Exactly.

I just watched the video and you don’t have it. K?


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  • Ekkiepants

    uhh.. shes not even doing anything shes letting the tracks play through and looking like a fool

  • Stop Breathe Bump

    So sad!

  • Clarisse Lehmann

    Maybe she just needs to accept that she is no Kim Kardashian… she will never be dating Kanye West and as a result be hanging out with Beyonce and thus by osmosis getting musically talented.

  • Anonbride

    Ooooo my god. Flop-Hilton. 

  • Matt

    I mean, I definitely agree she shouldn’t be DJing, but nto because she “doesn’t have it”.  Nobody “has it” when they start (except maybe some autistic people).  She should quit because she will never work hard enough to get it, and she’ll just end up making herself look like an idiot.

  • AdrianaA

    She needs a nose job, or a chin implant, or both. I can’t really tell,  but I can tell and do know work is needed.

  • Lh513

    The fact that Oakenfold is even standing there with her makes me want to hurl. What has happened to him?