Ask Babe: The Kate Debate

Dear Babe,

Why isn’t everybody Kate Moss?




Dear Not A Super Model,

As you can see from the above image, I had this huge photo print of Kate installed in the lobby of my dad’s NYC office. My point is, if everyone was as fuckable/beautiful/whimsical as Kate Moss, then no one would be as fuckable/beautiful/whimisical as Kate Moss. That being said, I can’t help but wonder if what you’re really asking is “why aren’t I Kate Moss?”

That is actually a way more sane question. Because there isn’t a human being among us who hasn’t had a similar thought. We all wish that we could more beautiful. Even people who are really good looking wish they could make changes to their body/face/skin/neck/vagins/hands/feet/calves/wrists/hip bones/arches/nipples.

We are a society obsessed with the way we look. When I sent myself to rehab for my shopping addiction last year, I learned the “Serenity Prayer”. It’s a mantra, of sorts, that is recited at AA meetings all over the world. I have adapted it to work best for me and my issues with my body image. It’s really helpful so I will share it with you to help you through your personal crisis and realization that you aren’t and you never will be Kate Moss and that’s ok:

Kate Moss, grant me the Serenity

to accept the things I cannot change about my body and face,

and the strength to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.

Living one burned calorie at a time, 

enjoying every compliment I get,

 and accepting that sacrifice is often the pathway to Peace.



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4 responses to “Ask Babe: The Kate Debate”

  1. Poppy Avatar

    You don’t say?

  2.  Avatar

     You do realize this is satire, right?

  3. Cat Avatar

    Your blog and Fashionista’s articles frequently publish articles with the same subject matter at the same time. Coincidence?

  4. Jessicapogree12345 Avatar

    You are write we cant always be like other people we have to be ourselfs. Not matter what reason dont try and show of or no one would like you, just be  youself God made you the way you are and he will love you no matter what reason or embarrasment. thats what i have to say…..

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