Ask Babe: YS-HELL

I received these two emails yesterday, so obviously I need to address both. Here goes:

Hey Babe,

My friends and I were wondering how you felt about YSL changing it’s name to Saint Laurent Paris!

I’ll wait impatiently for your sacred judgment.




Dear Babe,

WTF is going on with YSL. It has been confirmed that they are now going to be “Saint Laurent Paris” but it is unconfirmed what will happen to the logo.  I am having a nervous breakdown about this. How do you feel?



Dear Stefano Pilati²,

I’m clearly destroyed. Not only is the name going to be “Saint Laurent Paris,” but the headquarters are moving from Paris to Los Angeles, which is sick. Like, so sick it makes me physically ill. As if LA hasn’t seen enough women abuse the privilege of wearing the tribute pump! They might as well build the new headquarters next door to Kris Jenner’s Calabasas mansion.

My fucking therapist is in Belize of all places, so I had no choice but to spend last night at my shaman Steve’s house in Laurel Canyon. He has a yurt in his backyard that can be heated to 105 degrees, so we sat in it, did hot yoga for like 10 minutes, smoked some pot, dropped some acid and talked about my feelings on all this YSL drama. Then he gave me a “sound vibration” massage with his didgeridoo. Did it make the pain go away? No. Did I sweat out at least 800 calories? Yes. Do I feel clearer on the whole situation? Kind of.

Here’s the deal: I think that there’s a very slim chance that this re-branding could turn out to be chic, so I’m going to have faith. I’m betting the aesthetic could either go Hollywood Wives or Samantha Ronson. I mean, we’ll see. Hedi Slimane is in charge, so it’s very hard to say. In the meantime, you guys should do what I’m doing and buy up every single  piece of actual YSL you can. If the brand folds, they’ll be worth millions, and if it does well, then you’ll have a really chic vintage wardrobe.

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