I thought it was about time that I started laying down the foundations for a comprehensive, yet always evolving, bible of “chic”. I mean, I already get 47 emails every minute from you guys, asking me to weigh in on whether or not something is chic.

So…from time to time I will bestow upon all of you psychopaths, a list of things that are “chic” and a list of things that would make me “shriek”. Let’s begin:


1. Yves Saint Laurent

2. Huge Dogs

3. Earthquakes

4. Newly Formed Governments

5. Howard Stern (Radio)


1. Saint Laurent Paris

2. Teeny Dogs

3. Hurricanes

4. Dictatorships

5. Howard Stern (Anna Nicole Smith)

If any of you psychos have an item about which you are unclear, send it to me and I will try to try to make sense of it for you, unless it’s a fucking retarded/obvious one.







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