Arts and Crafts

So by some horrifying mistake I saw this:

And this:

I have no words.

Wait, yes I do. WHY?

Not being famous doesn’t agree with you, LC.

I have so many questions. Is this taking place in a Golden Girls dressing room? Was it sponsored by Martha Stewart’s Kmart collection? Is that guitar music supposed to make me want to kill myself? Why are you calling these “crafts” like you’re a Midwestern camp counselor? What the fuck are “washers” and why would anyone own so many of them? Will I ever be able to look at pastels again without thinking of this and throwing up violently?

I’m all for people having well decorated homes, but that’s what interior designers are for. And I love cute accessories (NOT that anything in this video is even remotely close to cute) but that’s what boutiques and Barney’s and birthday gifts from your dad are for. In this economy, you shouldn’t be jeopardizing the livelihoods of people working in these fields by suggesting that the common people take decorating and jewelry design into their own hands! Then again, I can only hope that most people are something like me, and would rather rip out their own hair than arrange flowers in a vase.

Lauren, this is more embarrassing for you then when I saw you at a high school party when I know for a fact you were a sophomore in college.

You know what these in a weird way remind me of? This abomination:


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  • Lafahe

    Babe, why were you at a high school party?

  • Rhoda

    what the actual fuck is this? i know i’m not high

  • High

    I’m in tears laughing 

  • NM

    Lauren Conrad went to college?

  • Archduke Morgan Bunny Glines

    Deepest, darkest secret: I went to the same school Lauren Conrad dropped out of. In my defense I didn’t know who she was when I enrolled. I still don’t really know what she does/did or who she is/thinks she is. 

  • NancyH

    I’m crying at the moment.
    What is wrong with you Lauren?! I understand that you wanted to be a huge star and ended up being a C series celeb, but girl get your shit together, there are planty trashy reality shows for ex-it girls/ex famous-for-being-famous  where you can decade with much more “class” then having a blog/vlog/art attack moment.
    I’m scared this could happen to anyone, attention seeking can be a better drug then coke; I need my therapist right now.