Ask Babe: Fro No

Dearest Babe,

Thoughts on frozen yogurt? Yay or nay? I love you.




Sorority Girl,

I do not believe in frozen yogurt, flat out. It’s white, it’s dairy, and it comes out of a machine like poo. When I’m having a craving for something delish and frozen, I go in one of these directions instead:

1. Frozen Water Cubes

2. Frozen Water Cubes W/ Lemon

3. Frozen Water Cubes W/ Lemon + Salt

4. Frozen Water Cubes W/ Lemon + Salt + Mint Leaf

5. These

6. Frozen Home-Brewed, Organic Yerba Mate







3 responses to “Ask Babe: Fro No”

  1. Yawn Avatar

    Eating disorders aside, can’t we all agree that eating “frozen yogurt” (what *is* it, really?) / anything out of a disposable cup would make any respectable supermodel in her prime look sad and desperate, much less the rest of the people?

    I mean, even getting an ice cream cone looks better provided it is a single scoop of a pretty color and not in a waffle cone.

    Think about it.

  2. Cutie Avatar

    dont you know splenda gives you cellulite.

  3. Eat Feel Fresh Avatar

    i used to think frozen yogurt was essentially just a cup of cold protein.. note to self: pinkberry will not make you as cute as the store. now i figured out how to make my own skinny bitch friendly fro-yo (with almond milk and non-fat greek yogurt). let the fro-yo diet resume..

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