Ask Babe: Hairapy

Dear Babe,

I need your advice for a chic haircut. I have had beautiful long blond hair my entire life- I keep it five inches above my belt line, and I’m 5’11 so it’s longer than average long hair. My natural highlights are to die for, and my only styling is the nurturing I put into my hair care. I will soon be leaving my teenage years so I think it’s time for a more chic and mature look than the long gold locks I’ve had my whole life. Any suggestions for a hair cut?



Dear Quarter-Life Crisis,

So let me get this straight…your hair is “perfect” and you want to change it? Hmm. My gut instinct  is to advise you to keep your hair the same. Why change a good thing? Also, to be honest, you sound like someone who’d end up going totally psycho if someone cut your hair. If you’re really dying to get a haircut, just ask for some long layers then shut up.

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