Babe Walker’s Guide To Bastille Day

Do: Wear entirely Louis Vuitton. I suggest a jeweled jacket from F/W 2012. I know it’s hot, but deal with it.

Do: Carry a Longchamp bag, if you must. Today is the only day I will condone that kind of behavior.

Do: Have sex to the Les Misérables soundtrack. Super emotional and dark.

Don’t: Cut your hair off, a la Anne Hathaway. Those kind of decisions never end well.

Don’t: Have a threesome that ends in an Eiffel Tower.

Don’t: Baguette. Unless you’re in Paris. And even then, 1-3 bites.

Do: Go to Paris. Now.

Do: Invite me to come with you if you’re flying private.

Do: Send your ex boyfriend a gift basket if he’s in jail.

Do: Be inspired by the epic chicness that is Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and spend the rest of the month emulating her French First Lady looks.

Don’t: Chanel flap bags. Over it.

Do: Eat one truffle macaron from Pierre Hermé. Trust me on this. They have shimmer on them and they taste like an orgasm feels.




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3 responses to “Babe Walker’s Guide To Bastille Day”

  1. Sylvie Avatar

    I agree with the eiffel tower but being over a chanel classic? never.

  2. Alexandra Avatar

    You are so obsessed w/ YSL.

  3. FukUBicBoi Avatar

    Had sex? pics or it didn’t happen

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