My Boyfriend: Kyle Patrick

So basically I decided that I needed to get a whole new slew of songs to put on my iPhone. Fun songs, for when I’m doing walking laps around my pool to burn calories. I called my old art school friend Ming-Na who works at MTV Asia to ask her for some new shit. Ming-Na is always up on whatever songs/artisits will be next to blow up. I told her what I was looking for and she said two words: KYLE PATRICK

Bottom line is that Kyle is cute, but not too cute. He’s got a great voice, but not too great. His songs are catchy, but not too catchy. In other words he’s the “male” Katy Perry, which I love. So I bought his song “Go for Gold” and now I’m kinda obsessed. Take a listen right here:

Let me know what you think. Am I crazy or is this song really fucking fun? It’s hard for me to know for sure because I haven’t slept since the 4th of July when I scored 2 pounds of some really, really, really, great COKE!!!!!!  I think I’d fuck him either way.

You can download it on itunes here: KP- EP

PS- I just realized he has the same initials as Katy Perry. Weird? Maybe not.

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