My Boyfriend: Kyle Patrick

So basically I decided that I needed to get a whole new slew of songs to put on my iPhone. Fun songs, for when I’m doing walking laps around my pool to burn calories. I called my old art school friend Ming-Na who works at MTV Asia to ask her for some new shit. Ming-Na is always up on whatever songs/artisits will be next to blow up. I told her what I was looking for and she said two words: KYLE PATRICK

Bottom line is that Kyle is cute, but not too cute. He’s got a great voice, but not too great. His songs are catchy, but not too catchy. In other words he’s the “male” Katy Perry, which I love. So I bought his song “Go for Gold” and now I’m kinda obsessed. Take a listen right here:

Let me know what you think. Am I crazy or is this song really fucking fun? It’s hard for me to know for sure because I haven’t slept since the 4th of July when I scored 2 pounds of some really, really, really, great COKE!!!!!!  I think I’d fuck him either way.

You can download it on itunes here: KP- EP

PS- I just realized he has the same initials as Katy Perry. Weird? Maybe not.

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  • Gena

    Dear Babette,

    Take off the American eagle denim skirt, toss the jewelry you bought at the fairfax flea market, AND GIVE BABE HER WHITE iPHONE BACK! This is not cute. BYYYEEEEE.


  • Jenessa Cole

    Babe, get this “Gena” chick out of here. Kyle Patrick’s voice is sexy as hell. Even in his slightly embarrassing Click Five days. Boy has pipes. I’m a huge fan…not literally…kind of. 


  • Apple

    Meh. Babe, I am sure I will listen to it constantly for a for a few days… but I will probably forget it until the next time I am decide to dance on tables.

  • Astrid Eriksen

    Ok Babe, from now on you’re my go to for everything- except music. But def COKE, apparently.

  • David Ross

    This guy definitely pings… is he a gay?

  • Guest

    I mean its not bad…..It sounds like it should be the Olympic theme song. I mean…. I don’t know when I would listen to it. Do you know what I mean? I mean it.

  • Hayes Wilms

    “Ain’t No Sunshine” 
    It's a few songs in.
    Wait for it :)

  • Cat

    Oh, Babe. What happened? I feel like we’re losing you.


  • Guest

    C’est pas terrible. bye.