You’re A Babe: P’Trique

It’s no secret that trannies are the toast of the fashion world. First there was Lea T. Then there was Andrej Pejic, and now there’s P’Trique. “But Babe,” you must be asking, “P’Trique isn’t sample-sized. I’m confused. How?? Why??” I’ll be honest, I’m confused too. I read an article yesterday declaring that “curves are in,” so I guess that’s why I’m being nice today? You tell me.

I had 4 glasses of rosé and half a chopped salad for lunch, and instead of feeling empowered, I feel puffy. So perhaps curves aren’t for me, but they’re working for P’Trique. There’s something about her that I kind of love and I kind of hate, which is exactly what I look for in a frenemy. Plus, she made a real splash at the Stella McCartney S/S ’13 presentation, and any friend of Stella’s is a friend of mine. See for yourself:

I guess what I’m getting at is, if you’re a rude tranny who abuses the headband, I will probably love you. It’s just who I am. You can follow P’Trique on Twitter here.



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  3. B-otch. Avatar

    MMM… We all know you are totes a Maxxinista Babe. And you will never ever even reach P’Trique’s size 14s if you wanted to.
    So give it up and go back to whatever Kappa Kappa Gamma chapter you came from.
    BTW, BABE WALKER? what is this Hollywood Blvd? :V

  4. a Avatar

    this just made my life complete

  5. mariah serrano Avatar
    mariah serrano

    ugh still loving this

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