Ask Babe: Le Smoking, C’est Chic?

Hi Babe,

So I’ve been smoking for the last month or so, and everyone has been giving me shit. Something about lung cancer and early death? Anyways I’m a little confused. Is smoking in? What cigs? Apparently Marlboro are worse for you but I don’t know who to believe. Help, all-knowing babe.


Dear Future Chemo Patient,

This is a tough one, because I’ve quit smoking 30 times in the course of my life (right now I’m currently off cigs) and I truly feel that the line of chic is blurred when it comes to cigarettes. It’s a totally situational thing. For example, if it’s 1am and you’re in Paris and you have a pack of Vogue Menthols (trust me) and champagne bottle service at Silencio, it’s chic. But if you’re in Saint Tropez on a yacht and you’ve just finished working out with your trainer and you reach for your pack of Parliament Lights before eating a summer salad, it’s not chic. Do you get what I’m saying here?

Smoking is a gamble. Sometimes the worst thing that happens is you get early onset of wrinkles and have to get a face lift at 35 instead of 42, and sometimes the worst thing that happens is you get throat cancer and have to talk/eat/drink out of an unsightly hole where your beautiful neck used to be. And sometimes you get Emphysema and cough yourself right into the grave while spitting up blood and praying for the sweet release of death. There are levels of consequences, but the fact of the matter is that cigarettes don’t really have a positive effect on your life, besides tasting/feeling amazing and making you feel artistic and keeping your appetite at bay.

At the end of the day, you’re going to do what you want to do, despite your asshole friends bitching at you. Just please don’t smoke Marlboro Lights. They’re so…expected.


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