Ask Babe: Super Babe

Hey Babe,

I was just wondering, if you could have a super power what would it be?




Wonder Woman,

Obsessed with this question. Sometimes I ask myself this very same thing. When I was a little baby Babe, my answer would have probably been something about turning into a horse or a dinosaur or Daria, but now that I’ve experienced the vast world, my answer would be totes different.

I think if I could choose anything it would be to fluently speak every language (alive or dead) that was ever spoken anywhere. There is truly nothing more chic than speaking multiple languages during fashion week. Also, shopping overseas would be wayyy less stressful and scary.

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  • bellakaterina

    stop. I seriously can’t with the kim porno shots. i’m dying laughing/wanting to vom. love you babe.

  • Lana

    Daria was sooo chic!

  • Whatevs

    Who picked this superpower first, Babe or Obama? Is the president stalking you? Tres chic!