Sweet Dreams

My stress dreams have been getting worse. Last night I dreamed that I lost my favorite black iPhone, the one where I keep all my pictures of Blue Ivy Carter. Then I dreamed that Tom Hardy kept telling me to get naked but I was wearing layers and layers of Saint Laurent Paris that I couldn’t get off.

It was then that I woke up at 10:45 AM, which is both the earliest and latest I’ve ever gotten out of bed.

I talked to my therapist and she said it’s because of my unresolved emotional issues. But then I talked to my nutritionist and she said it’s probably because last week I experimented with adding acai berry extract to my morning smoothie. Then again it might be because I still haven’t come to terms with New York Fashion Week moving from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center. Who knows.







One response to “Sweet Dreams”

  1. Ricardo Avatar

    Oh no you didn’t just called Yves Saint Laurent “Saint Laurent Paris”! now this is a real nightmare!

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